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Admin: Still Alive

So hi!  It’s been a bit since Your Humble Cape (Re)Connector posted anything.  This is not because I’ve abandoned this project, only that I’ve been busy with other things like university starting up, coming down from some wandering around Sweden and otherwise being distracted (did you know Saints Row 4 is out?  It is and it is panderingly great).

More stuff to come including Marshal Law, Watchmen, X-Men vs. Fantastic Four and that’s just the stuff immediately on the docket.

Later I think I’ll make a “feel free to suggest” post or something but until then, please continue to be awesome in my absence or check out my biweekly contributions to CrC’s sister-blog Organised Freedom for non-superhero comics-related babbling about pop-cultural things like TV, video games, movies, etc. with me and at least one person who is not me.  So far it’s been largely just TV and video games but… Well, anyway.