A brief aside on superhero universes

A brief aside:  the thought of people being fans of superheroes from inside a superhero universe is always a weird thought for me.  Certainly, there are cults of personality and celebrity but for all David Bowie may have blown your mind, I have not seen direct evidence that he has literally saved the world from predacious space-gods.

I have no trouble believing that he has done so upon multiple occasions, mind; just that I’ve seen no evidence of it.

But for a large number of people (or any number, really) being so quick to declare their allegiance to their favoured bespandexed heroes in public like that… I don’t know.  Something about it feels a bit strange.  The Superman S on a t-shirt makes sense here in the Real World but for some reason something seems off about wearing a superhero symbol on your chest when declaring your fandom for the hero would be an awesome way to get yourself murdered by one of the dozen or so people who have made it their life’s work to cause humiliation and/or pain to that person.

Superman is awesome and all but if the guy saved the world eight times, it feels like it’d be weird pulling his shirt out with your Pink Floyd shirt and deciding which one you wanted to wear: the artist or the demigod (even if he would reject the title).

One of those suffers from the comparison is what I’m sayin’.


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